he hit me, it felt like a kiss (waiff_cake) wrote in 407_st_andrews,
he hit me, it felt like a kiss

are you my mom?

so, i havent spoken to my biological father since i was 12...and i havent seen him since i was about 8.

...ronald raymond ricketts...

rizzo, stephanie and i were googling people through an image search for about three hours last night...

he doesnt really resemble nick nolte like he used to.

we also found out that that really uncontrollably hot guy that was in the smashing pumpkins "1979" video...and played lex in detriot rock city...is a troma film maker. he has a movie about an eighty year old man that plays in his um, bodily wastes, and little girls that get raped with ice cream cones. and i found his personal email address via my lurking. so excited!

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