Rizzo (slingsandarrows) wrote in 407_st_andrews,

I Just Want To Feel It

(knock knock)
S: Entre!
A: I have a question.
S: Hit me.
A: Someone told me that if you put tin foil on your teeth when you play music, you'll be able to feel it coursing through your body.
S: Is that so?
A: Yeah. What do you think?
S: Couldn't hurt to try.
A: Well yeah, I mean I'm going try it. Obviously. But have you ever heard of that?
S: Nuh uh.
A: Okay. wish me luck. I'm going to play my stereo really loudly for a few minutes. Sorry if it bothers you.
S: No problem! Let me know how it goes.
(exit A. music blares loudly for a few moments. then...)
A: It didn't work! Damn!
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